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knowledge of popular science in packaging technology

knowledge of popular science in packaging technology
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① film coating process: film coating process is a surface processing process after packaging and printing. it refers to a packaging processing technology formed by coating a transparent plastic film on the surface of a package with a laminating machine.

② gilding and gilding process: gilding process is to make a convex plate of patterns that need gilding or gilding to heat, then place aluminum foil paper of the required color on the printed matter, and make aluminum foil adhere to the printed matter after pressing.

③ uv anti-metal etching printing process: this process is also called sanding or sand surface printing. after a layer of uneven translucent ink is printed on a substrate with metallic mirror gloss such as gold and silver cardboard, it is fixed by uv ( ultraviolet ) to produce an etching or sanding effect similar to that of a shiny metal surface. uv anti-metal etching ink can produce matte and suede effects, which can make the packaging printed matter appear soft, elegant and solemn.

④ concavo-convex stamping process: this process uses the relatively high pressure of the letterpress printing machine to press the local characters or patterns on the semi-finished products of packaging and printing into pictures and texts with concavo-convex effect and three-dimensional impression. this technology is widely used in the post-processing of printed products and paper containers. besides being used in packaging cartons, it is also used in the printing of trademark labels and calendar, greeting cards, books and periodicals and other products.

⑤ intaglio printing: contrary to letterpress printing, the printing plate is lower in figure and text than the non-figure and text parts, forming a groove shape. the ink adding method is to cover the ink in the groove, and there is no ink on the surface of the printing plate. the paper is covered on the upper part of the printing plate. the printing plate and the paper are pressurized to transfer the ink from the concave part of the printing plate to the paper. this process is characterized by bright color and thick ink layer. it has the advantages of high printing resistance, stable printing quality and fast speed, and is widely used in actual printing.

the above five processes are common processing techniques in the packaging industry. different processes have created different artistic effects and also set off the right products. the products thus blossom into their first glory. who can say that packaging is not important, who can say that packaging technology is not important, and packaging adds luster to the products, while packaging technology puts on a gorgeous dress for packaging. today's knowledge of popular science in packaging technology is introduced here. bo yi packaging hopes that the packaging industry will become better and better and can create more social values.

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