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why is the gas content in the aerated package of nut products easy to change?

why is the gas content in the aerated package of nut products easy to change?
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quality problem

compared with the concentration fixed by the specific gas filled in the nut product package, the concentration of various gases in the finished product package changes during the later storage process, especially the oxygen concentration increases.

cause analysis

( 1 ) packaging materials

poor barrier property - the packaging material has high permeability to oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air and other gases ( i.e. low barrier property ), resulting in high oxygen ( or air ) permeating into the packaging and high nitrogen loss in the packaging.

poor kneading resistance - for composite packaging films made of aluminum-containing materials ( aluminum foil or aluminum plated film ), if the kneading resistance of the packaging materials is poor, when the packaging materials are kneaded or extruded by external forces, problems such as creases, pinholes and the like are easy to form, causing the barrier property of the packaging materials used for nut products to be reduced.

poor puncture resistance - some nut products with relatively sharp shells will produce certain puncture force to the packaging bag. if the puncture resistance of the packaging bag is poor, air leakage will easily occur.

( 2 ) finished product packaging production process

poor sealing performance - the bag body or heat-sealing part of the finished product package of nut products is prone to air leakage under certain pressure or during long-term storage, especially the sealing quality of the heat-sealing part is poor. for example, if the heat-sealing strength is too low or too high and the hot air strength is not uniform, air leakage is more likely to occur.

packing suggestion

- pay attention to the monitoring of oxygen permeability, nitrogen permeability, air permeability, oxygen permeability after kneading, sealing performance ( negative pressure method ), heat sealing strength, puncture resistance and other performance of the cladding material.

—— adjust the parameters of the heat sealer to improve the sealing performance of the heat sealing parts; choose packaging materials with high barrier property, good rubbing resistance and strong puncture resistance or improve the quality of existing packaging materials.

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