HSIN TUNG YANG - Pineapple shortcake (200g)
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  • HSIN TUNG YANG - Pineapple cake (200g)

HSIN TUNG YANG - Pineapple cake (200g)

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Hsin Tung Yang is a Taiwanese food company which expanded to the USA, Canada and Hong Kong. They first specialized in meat products (Pork jerky and meat floss) and then started to produce Taiwanese traditional snacks.


Taiwanese Snacks

Pineapple cake

- The best pineapple cake filled with Taiwanese pineapples. Taste like a pineapple tart.

- Pineapple cake is a traditional Taiwanese cake which is one of the top souvenirs foreigners buy. 


Ingredients Pineapple sauce (maltose, pineapple, melon, cane, cream, palm oil, table salt, citric acid, spices), flour, butter (anhydrous butter, palm oil, coconut oil, water, table salt, milk solids, soy eggs) Phospholipids, perfumes, vitamin E (antioxidants), sucrose, eggs, milk powder, bulking agents (acid sodium pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, diammonium phosphate, calcium dihydrogen phosphate), edible salts, spices.

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